So here are all the people that make The Specualtive Society happen.

Matthew Quain

My work concerns the appropriation of archival footage both documentary and educational. These are deconstructed into clips removing there original context. These clips are then combined as a single collage of digital films or still images with the objective of creating a commentary on contemporary lifestyle.

For details of email address contact me through message board or comments, thank you
Spirtstore – Artcafe Limerick
Bachelor of Honors Degree in Sculpture and combined media, Limerick school of art and design, Limerick, Ireland. Currently a member of Engage Art studios Galway city.

Mike O’Brien

Mike O’Brien is a visually based professional artist working in Limerick City. He has a studio in the former Franciscan Church on Henry street where he creates 3d assembles made from junk wood and does incredibly detailed insane/disturbing/absurd/touching illustrations with a uni-ball pen. Mikes work deals with many different interpretations of life taken form his perspective which are at once deeply complex and personal but incredibly open and universal. He co-founded like studio in 2010


Anastasia Artemeva

Anastasia Artemeva is a Russian artist graduated from Sculpture and Combined Media department of LSAD in 2012. Artemeva’s work featured in various exhibitions throughout Ireland including RDS Student Art Awards 2010, Millipede performance night , 2011 and CatDig Festivals 2011- 2012. Curatorial experience includes Identity – exhibition by staff and students of LSAD, 2011.
Artemeva currently works as a gallery assistant in Ormston House and has recently completed the Graduate Research residency in Faber studios, Limerick.

Alicia Lydon

Alicia is a curator and artist based between Limerick and Galway.  Her work is multi-media to say the least, it is multifaceted ranging from the printed form curatorial selection. Her work in The Specualtive Society so far has been a collaborative effort with fellow Speculator Aimée Lally.

Bryan J Moore

Bryan J Moore is a free-lance writer and photographer based in Limerick. Bryan is also an accomplished teacher having thought English in both Korea and Spain for a while. He now teaches Photography in Limerick

More of his work can be found at

Mark O’Connor

Mark is a musician and actor based in Limerick, he has been a driving force in Limericks music scene for many years and has released three studio albums as well as touring extensively. He is also an accomplished actor having stared in several productions playing leading roles.

His Album, espero can be found here

Steve Maher

Steve is a an artist working and living in Limerick City Ireland. He works as Project Manager at Ormston House while studying an MA in Social Practice and the Creative Environment at LSAD. A founding member of the now defunct Like Studios Steve is a Professional artist and par time Wage Slave.

Steve is a multidisciplinary artist working in the fields of performance, the socially engaged, sculpture, illustration and writing.. Through his creative practice he explore subliminal cultural distinctions as he has seen them in his research, this research is extracted from such varied influences as the writings of Roland Barthes, John Grey and Mark Rolands to Raymond Carver, Isaac Asimov and Darko Suvin to name a few. He is also highly interested in the theories outlined in the field of evolutionary psychology, particularly memetics.

Steve also started The Speculative Society based on his MA research.

His website can be found here and is in serious need of updating

Gimena Blanco

Gimena is an artist based in Limerick who recently graduated from Limerick School of Art & Design. Her practice centres on photography and drawing. Focusing on the formal relations between two and three-dimensional spaces.

David McInerney

Is a Final year student at the School of Architecture, University of Limerick. His interests encompass the process of design, the role of “The Architect”, responsive construction methods (both environmental and economical) focusing on the necessity of future programmatic and cultural adaptation. He co-founded Elephant Talks, a monthly series of creative provocations located in Ormston House, Limerick with Eilish Tuite in 2012.

Tim O’Niel

Is a Limerick based artist who studied Sculpture and Combined Media at Limerick School of Art and Design. His practice is based on a critique of contemporary culture and in particular science, utilising a mixed media based process that also includes written texts.

Mary Conlon

Mary is a curator based in Limerick, from 2007-2009, she was gallery manager of Green on Red Gallery, Dublin and from 2009-2011, she was the Shinnors Research Scholar at Limerick City Gallery of Art, where she initiated the on-going Six Memos project. She is currently undertaking a PhD in Curatorial studies at Limerick School of Art and Design. She is Director of Ormston House (est 2011) and a member of the Italian curatorial project vessel and of the board of directors of eva International

Shane Harrington

Shane is an artist and musician. He lives in New York where he does ten billion intern-ships. He recently released a very well received DIY album under the guise of OST( Original Sound Track) named Invisible Ink For Sketching Ghosts which is like a mix tape he made to explain his love to the universe.

It can be found here, just click the image bellow :

Carla Burns

Carla Burns studied at Limerick Institute of Technology and was awarded a 3 month sculpture residency at the National Sculpture Factory.

Carla Burns is an Irish artist based in Limerick. She started her career in psychology (working in both research and clinical positions) and later migrated to artistic practice. Since graduating from Limerick School of Art & Design in 2011 she has been resident at Raggle Taggle studios in Limerick, and she is a recipient of the National Sculpture Factory Graduate Residency in 2012. Her work includes video, animation, drawing, performance, and collaboration.

Carla Burns is interested in self-help, self-development, and new-age spirituality. She explores how these popular belief systems and therapies are understood and practised, and considers the role of the artist in re-presenting them. Her artistic process evolves through participation in these systems. She muddles science fantasy with science fact, and contaminates theory with the personal. Carla would like the audience to think again about problems of belief, authenticity, and the search for a meaningful life.

National Sculpture Factory, Albert Road, C

Kevin O’Keeffe

Kevin is a curator, artist and co-director at Occupy Space Limerick the former art space based on Thomas Street. This year the gallery aspect of Occupy Space had to close due to unforeseen circumstances but they have actually gone from strength to strength. Having had two great shows off site including Limerick City Gallery of Art and Istabraq Hall. Kevin has also been heavily involved with administration of EVA International this year.

Other Collaborators  –

Eilish Tuite

Steve Hunt

Gary Dempsey

Lotte Bender

Ian Tully

Aaron Lawless

James Fitzgerald

Cian Hackett

Tadgh O Cuiran

Arnaud Brihay


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