Upcoming Projects

As soon as all the hustle and bustle of the launch of Particular Future Scenarios and the showcase is complete The Speculative Society will be continuing collaboration on several projects. One of the main projects in the running and one that has generated lots of interest at the meetings is the radio broadcast  project which is as yet unnamed. The project will most likely be a half hour segment on local student radio station Wired FM, this will be followed by several submissions to national radio broadcasters with an effort. The proposal for national radio broadcast segments will aim to fulfil  the cultural rebate of several stations. Two different research influences have been discussed. One influence is that of Orson Welles infamous radio episodic radio broadcast adaptation of H.G. Well’s The War of The Worlds. This would probably involve an examination of radio and hype. The second influence comes from a more esoteric origin, that of SETI, The NASA programme for the Search for Extra Terrestrial intelligence. This is a radio telescope based programme searching for intelligent non-natural paterns in background noise in an attempt to determine if there is life out there.

All the funds from the sale of Particular Future Scenarios will be invested towards the next publication which will be completed and released hopefully by the end of the year. The first issue will be disseminated nationally prior to this, as you are reading this galleries, art spaces, Zine libraries, independent distributors and independent book stores throughout the country are being contacted in regards to its sale. The first issue was intentionally a D.I.Y.  aesthetic, this was born out of both choice and financial constraint but the proceeds from the sale of the first issue will be put towards making the next issue a more durable and professional release. This will allow the publication to be sold in more “reputable” shops.

There is of course more to come, I can only speculate what though.


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