Particular Future Scenarios

This is the first Issue of Particular Future Scenarios a publication created by The Speculative Society, the publication is A5 in international format and was assembled over the last week by Steve Maher. The first run of covers had a bit of a typo so it took a bit longer to finish putting it all together than originally intended. But eventually after three days of physical production and a prior three days of digital production the book was finished. This is not the first publication that the Speculative Society has been part of, in August 2012 The Speculative Society were lucky enough to be part of Paper Visual Art Limerick, as part of Gracelands at EVA2012. This is however the first publication and project which we have finished so far, it was a project that took a lot of work.

Meetings were held about meetings but in the end consensus was met and I think everyone is happy witht he fruit of our labours  The cover is a two tiered cover cut diagonally to reveal the cover illustration produced by the talented artist Mike O’Brien. The grey cut cover details the coordinators note as well as credits on the interior, on the exterior front lies the title and the book blurbs by Aimée Lally and Alicia Lydon. The book blurbs have a corresponding table within. The first entry is a A History of the Future by Tim O’Neil,  this is a narrative told through the web history of an Irish computer in 2015. After that is work by Carla Burns which feature two graphs over laid upon impressionist and romantic paintings. An essay follows  then by Lorna Maher called The Future of Music as a Demonstrative Tool  which is at once as serious as it is hilarious. The very same artist responsible for the amazing cover illustration continues with more work on the interior, a text based work followed by three demonic and menacing floating heads. Then there is a work of sequential art by the project’s coordinator Steve Maher called In This Day And Age. The artist Matthew Quain replicates a exerpt from The Guardian on-line, everything seems normal except upon closer examination the viewer will see the date reads 2085. This is followed by a visual piece by Gimena Blanco which seems to make reference to two elements, the void and chance. Each takes a near equal portion of the page layout both subjects when considered are vast and leave the audience considering the unknown. This seems to be a metaphor for the future itself.  The next entry is a a play by Mark O’Connor who is both a talented actor and musician and now it seems he can add playwright to his list of professions. The play is really worth the read especially for the ending which is laugh out loud absurd. Next is an image of the previously mentioned Tim O’Neil taken by the kind folks at Google Maps, this is followed by the aforementioned table by Alicia Lydon and Aimée Lally which details of the work which is title …Commendation…..  The penultimate entry is a poem by Bryan J Moore called The Death Of A King, this is about the next stage of life and the associated mourning in this new stage about the old way. Which leads to the end note by Anastasia Artemeva This is About to Expire which says as much about the physical turning of a page as it does about possible future of the printed word. All in all each speculator has made an attempt to communicate with the reader an idea or a feeling about potential possible reality.

This is the E-Zine version of The Speculative Society’s soon to be launched publication, the physical publication itself will be on sale Friday the 21st of September at the MA Social Practice and the Creative Environment showcase 2012. This will be a showing of all the projects undertaken by this years post graduate students including project coordinator of The Speculative Society, Steve Maher.

The E-Zine edition of the publication has some slight difference in layout but is essentially the exact same. Some alterations where made for the sake of it being a digital publication but everything that is visible in the physical publication is visible in the digital publication. Want further proof? Have a look for yourself.

Just click the Image bellow to open the E-ZINE.

Particular Future Scenarios


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